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C&M takes alot of pride in helping those that are unfortunate. Ten years ago, C&M Home Heating Oil partnered up with Joe’s Oil and the District of Columbia (LIHEAP) Program. Their purpose in doing so is to provide affordable home heating oil during winter months to families in need.

C&M is also big on giving back to young Men and Women of their community by donating to local Schools such as: Robert Frost Elementary, Charles Carroll Middle School, Parkdale High School, Duval High School, Central High School, Potomac High School, Fairmont Heights High School, Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School just to name a few.

The promotion of biodiesel enhances the State’s energy security and air quality initiatives that aid in the reduction of global warming.  These our primary goals are embeded in our Motto, which is “Let our family heat your family”.

If any questions arise as you surf through our site or if we can be of service to you, please feel free to call us at 301-336-0065 or C & M Contact Form.  We look forward to providing you with our products and services.